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The company pride itself on the unique design of its couplings. Unlike the ductile made coupling, which is easily breakable. Shanghai Lianyang's hose coupling is made of investment cast for durability as well as extendibility. In addition, it renders the coupling smooth and glossy surface. Shanghai Lianyang provides a vast array of metal and rubber hose couplings.

The Shanghai Lianyang, manufactured of rubber & metal connectors are installed between the anchor points of piping system or next to mechanical equipment such as pumps, heating, air conditioning, chillers, compressors, absorption machines, etc. Common are found in apartments, hotels, hospital, and airports building piping, chemical and industrial process piping systems.

Shanghai Lianyang provides single and multiple arches of metal and rubber expansion joints and the flanges carbon steel/stainless steel drilling such as AS 2129 BS Table A to T, ANSI B 16.5 150#. 300#, DIN 2501, ISO 7005, BS 4504,, JIS B 2210,etc. or other standard drilling for your specifications.

Shanghai Lianyang has specialized in the field of rubber molding over 11 years and obtained a leading role among rubber molding manufacturers in Taiwan, or China.

Our molding process pursues exactness and high quality, but offer price is very reasonable and samples meeting your requirement within 20 days. Also have professional technical personal who would try to meet whatever you demand and servicing all kind major OEM's.

Welcome customer inquiry special big size, our curing equipment 150 cm x 210 cm available 78" and material provided Natural, EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone, Hypalon, Butyl, Viton, and PTFE Teflon, etc.

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